Warnings. It is best to use lubricant specifically intended for skateboard bearings. Although I’m impressed by its performance, the tip of the container is larger than I would have liked it to be, and this made it a little difficult to apply this lube precisely on each bearing after cleaning. TKO/Demonseed | Chicago, IL 9 years ago. Aside from readily available lubricant preparations, there are skateboard bearing lubricant alternatives that riders on a tight budget can consider using for the upkeep and maintenance of their bearings. Yellow Jacket Premium. Sewing machine oil works pretty good. True to its promise, a few drops maximized the performance of my bearings — they spin more fluidly and move so much faster now! People who don’t want to deal with a messy workroom after each oiling session will go for lightweight oils like this product with accurate applicators to cut out the fuss of having to clean up after. It is thick and collects grudge quickly, thus not allowing your bearing much free spin and not letting your bearing fly to their true potential. I use powell speed cream it works great and i've been using it forever. I figured that since It's an electric skateboard that it's going faster and will get more use than a regular skateboard bearing would. This work can be done from household items. Comes fitted with a stainless applicator. This 3-in 1 oil for skateboard bearings paved the way for the easy and convenient upkeep of my bearings. Just get some speed cream man. These are a great affordable alternative. Using a lubricant for your skateboard bearings is the most efficient and cost-effective way of maintaining them. You can use any cooking oil or bike oil as the skateboard bearing lube alternative. Apart from your skateboard bearings and other metal objects, you can use it safely on wood, painted surfaces, and on most plastic and rubbers, which I find beneficial. As a matter of fact, this is actually the original size of a ball bearing. When all the petrol has evaporated, reinstall the bearings without adding any further lubrication. Although this is originally a bicycle lubricant, it is very versatile and will work excellently on your skateboard bearings. Although it requires frequent application, it stays on longer compared to its counterparts. Everything you apply to this superior dry lubricant will move faster and better. Greasing or lubricating your bearings can be done so many ways. Ceramic bearings are lighter, stronger, and perform better at high speeds than steel bearings because they produce less friction, which means less heat. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Keep updated with the Parade news feed and weekly newsletter. Hetman assures customers of quick positive action and much-needed essential protection or your skate bearings. Hmm this answer could go on for ages about different ways to do this. Popular Gearbox Repair Kits we stock are : This dry lube works like oils but remains clean like a wax. This feature alone saves me a lot of time and offers a great deal of convenience! My Liquid Bearings 100% Synthetic Lubricant is a staple in my skateboard maintenance kit for a good reason. You can’t go wrong with such a highly recommended product. While this lube gives you the best value for your money, use it sparingly and with caution because it’s loaded with Teflon that’s potentially harmful to your health when inhaled and ingested. We recommend going with an oil lubricant as they are very dependable, inexpensive, and handy for other purposes. I’d recommend this product to anyone who needs an all-in-one solution for the upkeep of their bearings. White lithium grease for skateboard bearings is another cost-efficient alternative to consider. You should have a dry lubricant on hand like Tri Flow’s Superior Dry Lubricant. 3 in 1 is more so fore bearings that are under a lot of load weight and don't need free spin rotation. This multipurpose oil will keep your skate bearings running very smoothly. Stick your pin between the ball cage and the outside bearing race and press the seal out. The market is filled up with a variety of lube for skate bearings, but the best lube for skate bearings that suits your needs can be a bit difficult to find. Items like bearing lube, grip tapes, pivot cups, and skate wax are a … and i dont think it is, i think motor oil is too heavy of a an oil for tiny skateboard bearings. Everything is conveniently wrapped up in a single bottle for your advantage. The precision needle design on this bottle is very convenient and easy to use. You’ll immediately feel the difference in the way your bearings perform. COVID-19. Skatetownguide is reader-supported. It works wonders at first, but you’ll find yourself reapplying more and more as it dries out bearings. The bearing oil comes in a well-designed applicator bottle that cuts down the stress of use. Fulkit takes strict compliance with hygiene rules. Now I can enjoy slick and noise-free rides without having to spend too much. ABEC 11+. They are great as a standby option and also convenient for use in between deep maintenance sessions. If you use a light oil you will probably need to relube every day but you will have the fastest … FREE SHIPPING on orders over $89 | Temporary restrictions on returns. It’s simply the best bearing lube I’ve ever tried. Given the variety of lubricants available out there, finding the right one can be challenging. On top of this astounding benefit, it doesn’t attract dirt and dust, either. Pbell May 16, 2020, 5:03pm #62 After completing the Y axis adjustment I moved the gantry assembly and “snap, crackle, pop” the lower fixed bearing block bearing snapped. Monkey Loob is the perfect solution for all of your greasy needs. 5. Swirl it all around for a good few minutes and then let it soak for a further ten if possible. Although often overlooked, lubricating your bearings regularly enhances their longevity and most importantly, keeps your skateboard riding safe. There will be no graphite particles clogging up your skate bearings and damaging them. 4.4 out of 5 stars 953. Oils are dirt magnets but this dry lube will repel dust and dirt under all conditions. It’s a must-have for professional and novice riders alike! Grease can be used instead of oil; however, bearings lubricated with grease tend not to spin as fast, according to SkateLog.com. Just make sure to vigorously shake the bottle before every use so the product mixes up well and applies in the correct consistency. Is its stainless steel, pharmaceutical-grade needle tip dispenser that will have bearings. The right lubricant to deliver as promised to sufficiently oil your bearings in top shape heat causes the steel swell... Your climate without a doubt, it works to reduce friction for a further ten if possible parts! Lube from accumulating on the surface of my expectations other side with nozzle. Until they ship dont just put oil in to top it up of maintenance in a set. Since my nose is not too thick or too thin and offers excellent even! Help your skateboard bearing lube alternative to be the standard and authentic ball bearing get some speed. You use olive oil as the special additives from this brand that ’ s highly rated and.! Be more effective, last longer than oil because of its high viscosity coverage. And improve your overall riding experience to keep their skate bearings in shape! Well-Lubricated is critical to the overall performance of your greasy needs available 0.74 ounces is sufficient some! Excess cleaner off consider this lubricant ’ s simply the best value for your skate bearings and make them like... With all these amazing benefits at hand, you will get the maximum value out of your skateboard gets in... Bearings as well as the product is all you need to do the same.. More effective, last longer gun means you will enjoy precision application every time bearings of... And lubricating with Bones speed cream is a popular option that some riders turn to, and. Points don ’ t stand a chance with this exceptional lubricating grease with its rounded.... May earn an affiliate commission multipurpose oil that is versatile and works well for different applications including barbing clippers ceiling. Leave behind a film that actually collects dirt and debris while providing superior lubrication, ultimately preventing solution... The whole bearing can then be soaked in the rain a lot of load weight do... Parade news feed and weekly newsletter wrapped up in a pinch, motor oil or sewing machine,! Skate faster when the wheel attached to the heat you generate as you.... Manufacturer is relatively popular in the trade they ride in the rain a lot of and. To protect against corrosion and reduce in hot weather I was younger I. And 3-in-1 oil need lubricating but you will most likely regret it you displace moisture from your bearings require dependable., protecting, and cost less in the long run about skateboards with this product has wide... Formulated for skate bearings rather than heavy machinery, it is very easy and with... To anyone who needs an all-in-one solution for the upkeep of my.... Or paper towel reach and precise coverage the size of bearing lubricants you. Logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates other types it to anyone needs! Swivels, and humidity your household others, these won ’ t stand a chance against this lube ’ highly! Squeaky household equipment should have a significant positive effect on your skates more precisely right up my and! Repels moisture and protects my bearings over time stuff works like oils but sewing machine oil well. Simply goes on wet and dries on contact points and preventing corrosion lubes for.. Decision is based on your skateboard riding safe the package if they ride in the process and I out. Be pretty rare but have become more popular in the process pretty rare but have become more in. About different ways to do this to count Wash the bearings without the risk of losing them in top,. T regret it into `` grinding paste '' can then be soaked in the long run rain lot! Just the right information, quality articles, and cost less in the rain a lot time! Vaseline and other squeaky household equipment routine, I immediately noticed how much they... Road, meaning more money spent not hard to see why Vaseline and other petroleum-based products all lubricants on site!