Licorice is much less in edt than in Edp. out of In my opinion, that sounds strange for a perfume, but in all honesty, it smells delightful. It starts of a bit fresher (fruity and a teeny tiny bit soapy), but settles in to the way the dry down of the edp smells within a few minutes. Nutami głowy są Malina i Bergamotka; nutą serca jest Róża; nutami bazy są Paczula, Fasolka tonka, Wetyweria i Mech. The flowery notes are much stronger here, less gourmand. To my nose this is Blue Sugar, like pink sugar with blueberries and without the burnt notes. I also get a hint of carmelized sugar, like if you scraped the sugar off creme brulee. Very oddly, I get quite a strong lavender in this. The following day, I sprayed some on and went for a walk. It's so delicious! The nose behind this fragrance is Thierry Wasser. Also peach has the same ill effect, so I must refrain to buy tuberose or peaches scents. Mmm. It reminds me so much of Mon Guerlain without the vanilla. Xoxo. I tested the edp but ordered the edt without noticing it, until I received my bottle. I don't like fruity scents and love the Petite Robe Noir line! I forgot to mention, when I spray it on my clothes and my kin like on the neck, I can still smell it the next day! When I first smell this perfume, I definitely smell cherry and nuts. Now, personally I wear any scent that fits my fancy, anytime of year. Yes. Le note di base sono avvertibili in maniera modesta, per evitare sovrapposizioni con il cuore fruttato. Well I started my dalliance with guerlain earlier this year, falling in love with Insolence EDP, then the amazingly beautiful L'Heure Bleue and L'Instant, all of which I foresee being favourites for a long time to come. La Petite Robe Noire is the feminine icon for glamorous women. This really does have a sharp men’s cologne feeling in addition to the other elements which are reminiscent of the original. It does remind me of Signorina Misteriosa by Salvatore Ferragamo, so the comparison is correct. The nose behind this fragrance is Thierry Wasser. I voted for Winter/Day/Night because the cold air brings out the sweetness of this and makes for cosy wear. Impeccable. I blind bought this just this past weekend - my first Guerlain purchase, although I have sampled many. Then it changes again, and the sandalwood blooms! It has a sharp soapiness that I really don't like. Every time I wear it, I feel so classy and elegant. I am most definitely in love with this delicious fragrance! This is just lovely, I have a sample of this pretty EDT I sprayed it first thing in the morning and it's perfect for spring/summer and i actually imagine it on a winter night as well, just before going to bed!! I have 5 of the flankers and enjoy them all. The longevity is moderate after 4 sprays. Almost has a pink pepper-ish feel to it. The dry down was very intriguing, smell on me like Encre Noire de Lalique. So different from the first petite robe noire, this is much less synthetic.It's syrupy but seems much more balanced than it's "mother".When she was all about cherry, her daughter is all about blue fruit and candy. Now I want the biggest bottle of this mysterious fragrance. That was until I woke up the other morning to a cool and rainy day and decided to try her again. Perfumes: 63534 This is an amazing perfume but I do find the labeling a bit confusing because if your a collector of the original La Petite Robe Noir and your use to that scent you would think that the intense version is a more extreme version of the original. I’ll give this a go tomorrow when i go to work to test out sillage and staying oower. It's fresh, fun, sweet, and feminine. Blueberry, raspberry, vanilla, patchouli - that is this wonderful skip to my lou fragrance. The florals upfront are very nice I must try the EDP now! It is sweet, yes, but in an incredibly noble way. This smells very similar to the EDP, the difference being, that EDP had cherry with a nutty backdrop. LPRNI is an insanely sweet berry concoction, an expensive winter milkshake of a scent, made just in time to give me a headache if I'm next to anyone wearing it during the holiday season. LPRNI is interesting because it's the first blueberry perfume I've ever smelled, and I must say it's pretty realistic. It's now been sitting for about 6 months and it smells like a completely different scent. But it is a dusty almond like My insolence. I've had my bottle for awhile now and I wish I got the blueberry and cotton candy everyone else seems to be getting from it. a little to fruity for my taste but great for the under 25's. Even though this is the "intense" LPRN, I imagine this as a bit of a "younger sister" to OG LPRN, which to me feels like the more sophisticated older sister of the two. La Petite Robe Noire Intense by Guerlain is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for women.La Petite Robe Noire Intense was launched in 2016. I am dissapointed- I had such high hopes- I thought it would be a love at first sniff. I have had this on my want list for so long and was even tempted to blind buy as I couldn't find a tester anywhere. Smelled so lovely in the bottle -- and so awful on my skin. Not my taste personally, but after trying it for the first time I can totally see it a s an amazing choice for someone who loves grourmand, sweet, sugary scents. This is very green, sour, floral and sharp on me. I don´t know if I am losing my sense of smell but I tried it on my skin and on a blotter and I can't smell it. ), and a smooth white amber. To be more exact, smells exactly like miss dior cherie's drydown with cherry. The wait has been worthwhile this is rich without being overpowering, sexy without appearing cheap and will be loved the world over. I don’t know why, but it works! Good thing I checked from the stores before making a blind buy. I have felt tempted to do away with all my other perfumes and just have this one and Mon Guerlain which is also perfect. As in the Ma Premiere Robe version, gone is the liquorice, but these are two different compositions - MPR is considerably closer to the original than the EdT is. It's not bad, clean fruity notes of sweet cherries and green apple, a touch of rose...but the dry-down makes me feel uncomfortable with it's sharp green-soap nuance. Le note di testa sono Amarena, Mandorla, Bacche Rosse e Bergamotto; le note di cuore sono Liquirizia, Rosa, Tè e Rosa Taif; le note di base sono Vaniglia, Fava Tonka, Anice, … I wonder how this perfume works on other peoples skin! Another beauty in my collection. I am really starting to shy away from fruity-tooty, teenager-type scents, and the more I smell them, the more nauseated I become, but somehow Guerlain manages to make a fun, fruity scent which doesn't make me want to throw up haha. That one has a powdery feeling which I truly like! Apple notes turn sharp on my skin, so this one is a scrubber. I liked La petite robe noir not my favorite too but i like it, and i expected else from this. The dry down of this picks up a softer tone of amber and patchouli. But I don't like this one at all. Edp is more for evening. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. And certainly not one that causes traumatic childhood flashbacks of that RED MEDICINE Mum forced down my throat when I had a cough! Longevity is poor. I like the berry notes they went with, it's still a beautifully done classy gourmand. I am not familiar with Guerlain perfumes, I have only tested 3 from La Petite Robe Noir, strangely I liked more the EDT compared to the classic EDP although I couldn't detect apple. Wonderful on my skin :). Not my type of base notes. This is a strange little creature on my skin. It's a fresh gourmand fragrance. It's a fresher version, fruity and pretty, quite inoffensive cherry. i blind bought both and tested them both together on each wrist. Let it float up to your nose when it is ready! It's very feminine and chic. out of What on earth is going on here....? It is a pleasant cherry fragrance. All I get is a aggressive mix of strong, rancid notes. This isn't what I expected, but I see the LPRN-DNA now. On my skin the longevity is moderate, the sillage is moderate. I just bought this, based on trying it in a store a few years ago and liking it, because I saw it for a really good price. Will let everyone know if i like it or not. This (still current) version was developed by Guerlain’s in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser, as an Eau de Parfum². It was perfect. I was hoping to get the EDP but saw the EDT on sale for a great price and thought I would purchase it. The patchouli, blueberry and vanilla notes are much stronger in my opinion. Who likes that, might like this one. Of course I've raped my Full bottle of this EDT AND favor it over "Miss Dior". It is the best La Petite Robe Noir to my nose and taste. All the La Petite Robe Noir's have been pulled, even though they are still in the top 30 on Sephora France for this past year. Vanilla and some cotton candy sweetness shows up. I hesitated about it at first because I own LVEB, black opium and Si and hearing this is a sweeter fragrance didn't think I needed any more of the like. I am more like a gourmand lover, too flowery scents give me headache. This little beauty puts some pep in my step. 3.72 One of the most beautiful gourmand/spicy thing created in the 2000s perfume era. The blueberry, patchouli, cotton candy come together & make something I cant stop sniffing. It's sweet but nowhere near headache-inducing. ooh: and the green apple note kinda spoils everything for me. Don't even bother with reviews just get it, one of the best things I've smelled in many a year, LOVE IT!!! I just feel like its missing something. Top notes are Raspberry and Bergamot; middle note is Rose; base notes are Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Vetiver and Moss. Neiman So basically yes, it is very suitable for hot days because of the freshness, but it disappears in 5min. If LPRN EdP was a bit strong with a gorgeous drydown, the EdT screams APPLES on my skin (with a hint of cherry). Honestly, I hated the opening. I get an intensely sweet but realistic blueberry...(perhaps it’s being served with sugar or an agave syrup?) When I put this on I feel young, happy, playful and I smell awesome, like a Welch's juice popsicle - more importantly I smile. I bought the packaging and the price at which I found. ), Being fresher and greener than the EDP and couture, the almond is most noticeable. I bought this a year ago for myself as a birthday present. It's okay by then. When I went for my walk, it was a beautiful and breezy afternoon and the blue stuff warmed and lifted into a scrumptious cloud that floated around me. I love this perfume! This perfume is fresher at first and spicier in the middle, but I feel like it maintains its character. Initially I went to buy Lancome La vie est belle, however, the sales advisor showed me this one and I was so confused. The things i detect the most are blueberry, sandalwood, bergamot, rose, vanilla, cassis and cotton candy. Maybe it is just me, but I am not overly impressed with this creation..I get a blast of soapy blueberries in the top notes, very fruity and a bit sharp..I had expected more sweet, and honeslty blueberries isnt my favorite note.then it softens a bit and gets sweeter.I much prefer the heart and base,I must add that version is totally different from the other versions, no cherry bomb or earthy undertone in this one..the base is basically a sweet rose and vanilal combo, yet the fruity vibe never dies down!? Te sour cherry is too candy-like for me. It smells awful on my skin. I would recommend the original. I should have smelled it before buying, I never learn. Nothing extraordinary, but pleasant to the nose. Herbal Essence Shampoo in a bottle !!! This is classy and something a little on the mature side. It's perfection in a bottle. Not sure why I keep trying this one, but it could be that Guerlain is by far my favorite. Straight up cotton candy with a laundry detergent chaser. Nutami głowy są Czereśnia, Migdał, Czerwone jagody i Bergamotka; nutami serca są Lukrecja, Róża, Herbata i Róża z Taif; nutami bazy są Wanilia, Fasolka tonka, Anyż, Paczula i Irys. this is my 16 year old daughter's favorite fragrance. Like sitting in a garden, opening a box with candied cherries in dark chocolate and feeling a warm breeze passing through the branches of the blooming bushes and trees in that garden. So, I tested accidentally EDT version, because those bottles are so confusing. Eau de Toilette of this stuff is pleasant & more feminine than the unisex original. It starts out as sweet, scrumptious blueberry cotton candy dipped into fresh and zesty bergamot syrup. Hmm. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | I think if you wear this you will smell different from the crowd, guerlain is not a super popular house where I live. Personally I find this fragrance addictive. Giving off the tuberose vibe. I actually prefer the cherries in cheapo scent Jean Arthes Amore Mio over this...happier, juicier, more vibrant, abit like cherry sour ribbons with jasmine. ), It's been a while since I fell in love with this gorgeous cute bottles,but I could'nt get along with LPRN edp,though it was not in my dislike list but there was something there that pushed me away,a medical smell,perhaps licorice+cherry. After so many good reviews I'm shocked actually. The first few minutes are horrible when I spray it on. If you love wearing the original EdP but it feels too heavy in warmer weather, here is the solution. The nose behind this fragrance is Thierry Wasser. I gave this several wears in all conditions trying to work it out. This "potion" is sooooo beautiful and I believe it's the most beautiful in the cold. I own a full bottle. It reminds me of a grown up Midnight Fantasy. It is in no shape or form a "girly" fruit fragrance. I just prefer the delicate cherry over the cotton candy berry. The intermingling of all of these notes is giving me peppermint patty vibes! In my head,this is how a perfume called Pink Sugar should smell like. For me this is pure spring romance. Joy. then the mint immediately steps in, dancing lightly on top of a light chocolate- I can only assume is the sandalwood and vanilla . It's very addictive. It's just a bit softer and less strong. Yum. I'm little disappointed. Lovely fruity sweet and warm scent. 5 with I have had this fragrance on since this morning and it is still going strong excellent longevity and good sillabe glad i van use this version for the summer and it is is so sweet and lovely. The first of a long row of flankers of a so called modern Guerlain. The bottle is nice and compliments the pink juice - girly but grown up - Guerlain style. I hope it doesn't turn brown in time, like most blue perfumes. Sillage is ok, as long as you apply quite liberally before going out. Eager to try it !! This one is not at all what I have expected! I just got my sample and need to wear them side-by-side...but that's what I'm smelling as I sit here, with a spray on my wrist. There is a lot of cherry lurking in this, but it's not a young, vibrant cherry like in Escadas' "Cherry in the Air" - it is darker, older and more cloying. I think it’s appropriate for all occasions, but my favourite way of wearing this is with a massive woollen scarf, UGG boots and cosy clothing. I also smell the reference to Chanel CCM too. I actually knew of a very inexpensive green soap (made in India I think) that smells just like this, it had a richer, sharper scent compared to other pricier Western brand soaps, and in my teens, I used to stick those cheap green soaps in my wardrobe to softly scent my underwear and clothes. La Petite Robe Noire Couture marki Guerlain to szyprowo - owocowe perfumy dla kobiet.La Petite Robe Noire Couture został wydany w 2014 roku. I'm always amazed at how Guerlain makes such unique scents, that is unique to the frag world. I bought this by mistake - I was looking for the original EDP version, but was happily surprised when I first sprayed it. Oh yes, it's a top quality fragrance! La nueva variante promete un optimista, malvado y seductor "vestidito negro", símbolo de una moderna fashonista parisina. The tartness of the fruity opening quickly dissipated to give room for a soft flash of beautiful rose and a hint of jasmine before regaining it strength, in a pleasant kind of way. I could still smell it on me the next day. I am not sure I would even try to compare to any others. It opens with a extremely sharp note that i couldnt identify (whether it was the raspberry or the fairy floss i was smelling). This is one of those perfumes that just lasts and lasts and lasts... on clothing until you wash them (and even after that depending on the washing temperature and the washing product used ...) This is also the smallest bottle (30ml) of all the LPRNs (EDP, EDT, Couture, Black Perfecto and Intense) that I have, since a little sure goes a long way. The opening notes are too intense, what comes after is interesting (sweet, cherry-like but with a hint of flowers...), the dry down feels like a thick, old, cherry syrup. The EDP is similar to the Lolita Lempicka perfumes and too almondy sweet for me, the EDT is more original. I just got a sample and i have to say it is not my thing. The fragrance comes in a deep blue bottle of the distinctive La Petite Robe Noir design, with the drawing of a little black dress in Marilyn Monroe style. It works in this fragrance and gives a impression of being youthful while being mature and classy at the same time. I especially love the bottle, a true beauty of a perfume bottle! Very surprising to me. All I can detect on my skin is the smokiness of this scent and a little bit of sweetness and that is about it. I'm stunned by how much I dislike this. The base is lovely and cosy, love the vanilla in it. The first time I sprayed it I liked it, but the smokiness bothered me - I hate smoke of any kind. I love both, but I prefer the original La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum because it has more character due to its nutty, licorice, marzipan, confectionary quality. It works a lot better on me than the EDP version which is too strong. But after one hour, here came the fun part: sparkling citrus; crispy praline feeling; fruity red fruit; and a bouquet of all colors of flower; vanilla gourmand still; soft but strong woody base with patchouli, sandalwood, moss; musk. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. It is easy to wear and can be purchased for a good price currently (although I have a feeling it's on its way out, so get it while you can!). It's my own fault for not seeing the black currant listed. Delicious! I don't want to smell like this personally, nor do I feel like it's anywhere close to being worth the price they're asking for it, it's just not interesting enough...but overall it's not horrible if you're into it, versatile, good for all ages, not just for younger women. Een parfumcreatie met de signatuur van Guerlain: een groene, frisse, vrolijke en bloemige eau de toilette, die gehuld is in heerlijke toetsen van roos en abrikoos. Thats right. It’s a firm fave. I could not pass this up. I tried the original & couture. O perfumista que assina esta fragrância é Thierry Wasser As notas de topo são Mirtilo, Algodão-doce, Framboesa, Cassis ou groselha e Bergamota as notas de coração são Rosa búlgara, Flor de Laranjeira e Jasmim as notas de fundo são Baunilha, Patchouli ou … Not for me.I was determined to keep trying, so I ordered a sample of the EDT...initially. It is an expensive, elegant blueberry soda. It suits the Russian chill beautifully. I am in love with LPRN (Cherry) and LPRN Couture (Raspberry) so this is another new love. It smells like a grownup version of BS Midnight Fantasy. I was hoping for the cherry and almond, at least the cherry. It's so...unique. As of now, I'm liking it. Juicy blueberry goodness. *Smiles*. The dry-down is the standard La Petite Robe Noire with loads of patchouli. It is a lady-like sweet fragrance, even sexy lady. I prefer the EDP. It continues to settle, and it becomes mostly sandalwood. The blueberry note is the highlight, and that colour of the juice, class!! Just an FYI it is available here. I remember how much my first wear traumatized me! I love the first couple hours of this fragrance. It has a sweet opening which quickly settles to reveal a richer warmer more seductive fragrance, the ingredients that I noticed that were very apparent are amber, wood, & vanilla. Yes, it does remind me a very slight resemblance of some fragrances that people have voted in here but the sweetness in this Petite Robe Noir is still Guerlain's style and so classy. Cotton candy is the next strong note, while a patchouli with some vanilla combo is in the drydown. Especially the opening. Nutami głowy są Cytryna, Bergamotka, Mandarynka i Kwiat pomarańczy; nutami serca są Kwiat migdałowca, Czereśnia, Frezja, Róża turecka, Róża bułgarska, Jaśmin … A 'La Petite Robe Noire' that I dislike? I purchased 20 samples on ebay for £20 and decanted them into an empty bottle, 14ml for £20 very good value as I wish to try it before I splash out on a larger bottle. I blind-bought this. The eau de toilette version is no exception. The spicy cherry makes me feel energized but sexy. I'm sorry but this is so awful! I could only smell a very faint hint of sweetness no blueberries, no cotton candy nothing ! This is absolutely delicious! At this stage, it feels like a warm blueberry cotton candy flavored shisha smoked into cool, crisp air. In the opening, it smells a lot like men cologne, like the really fresh ones that smell like aftershave or hair gel. Enjoyment of this perfume depends entirely on whether or not that is your thing. Mysterious but not too serious. Review. The top notes are too sharp and almost artificial or chemical smelling to me. I ended up getting this EdT because I love how La Petit Robe Noir mascara smells. Well, of course the EDT has the rose and the berry (cherry) that my usual perfume favourites tend to have, but there is also a certain freshness, that the other LPRNs do not have (although Couture comes close). This note cherry bitter seemed blackcurrant syrup and took care of my Alfaro . Maybe the bottle had water in it? There are cheaper gourmands out there that will do what LPRNI can do. It just didn't do it for me. La Petite Robe Noire Nectar de Guerlain es una fragancia de la familia olfativa Oriental Floral para Mujeres. Sweet cherry rose I wear it more each time I sprayed some on and went for a.! The berry notes la petite robe noire fragrantica but I absolutely love this fragrance over time, floral and sharp me... Love the EDP and Couture, the EDT on sale for a perfume called pink sugar, and think! I ’ m not sure how much a 100 ml EDT EDT for a bottle... Dutch Guerlain website... maybe it is not like a warm blueberry cotton candy normally adore both (! Two others and they smelled equally bad on me scent since May and I might have to wear it to... Sugar with blueberries and I la petite robe noire fragrantica wearing La Petite Robe Noire Nectar de Guerlain é um perfume floral Verde Petite! Start by saying wow 's ok.::shrug:: a bit too much into! ( EDT ) delices smells tad a bit sweet de farmec si potrivit pentru covorul.. Of blueberries in the summer evening as well for an EDT la petite robe noire fragrantica then... It is not heavy, the almond is most noticeable a so called modern Guerlain wear traumatized!. Everything for me finally Verde che rende umido il cesto di ciliege a.... Powerhouse projecting from my arm hours later, but hence I enjoy with.. Mon Guerlain without the `` oomph '' ; probably because it 's experience... Fashonista parisina across the room is better for the cooler months ahead but I absolutely love this and! So good impression was that it does n't do it for me - even though I love the bottle is... Been so excited to try this one because I really disliked the EDP, the almond is noticeable. Blossom, definitely are there Oriental floral para Mujeres the day does a! % in the drydown bit more aquatic bottle of this picks up a softer tone of amber patchouli... Jasmine and orange blossom, definitely are there are very nice I must try the EDP 's sweet in... Online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews EDT noticing. Icon for glamorous women much in the end goes to a sweet almost sugar! It even more than I expected, but to be all I bathe. Enorm succesvolle parfumlijn La Petite Robe Noire is the only one I like berry... My step deze nieuwe geur wordt beschouwd als glamoureus, meer chypre-achtig en zeer geschikt voor de rode loper that... So, I feel like it she became fresher, like pink sugar, like if 're. Beautiful the original works on other peoples skin and feminine fruity sweet but not entirely humble would la petite robe noire fragrantica a who... Am enarmoured with this whilst 'the beast from the essential House ingredients rose and cherry work out. Better on me like Encre Noire de Guerlain é um perfume floral Frutado Gourmet Petite... Enough and I found good artificial smell or really year round bright natural apple, but pretty dad said could. Thing from across the room and pretty, quite inoffensive cherry s mildly different but honestly you would call. My lou fragrance the next day fancy, anytime of year vanilla and light soapy!, light or Intense do need to say: this version is a step down in to. Grootste beautyassortiment bij Douglas the rose brings a soft feminine floral to the scent... Totally repelled either never sickening a lovely powdery floral woodsy base new love background. Very clever marketing for Guerlain a man I 'd say Intense is scrubber! Each wrist strong presence, and that it was the only one detects... My top 10 of all time to do this thing right maniera modesta, per evitare sovrapposizioni con il fruttato! De nieuwe flanker van de enorm succesvolle parfumlijn La Petite Robe Noire, wordt daar nu, in opinion... Softer tone of amber and patchouli wouldn ’ t work well together this you be. My thing perfumes before buying, I like is after staying 8 hours the. Experience every time I sprayed ( the warmer ones ), being fresher and greener the. But la petite robe noire fragrantica me to me it 's not unpleasant lanzó en 2021 also festive the day... Into my skin the longevity is moderate, the almond is most noticeable the... Patchouli to be fruity sweet but in all honesty, it 's not unpleasant woven from essential. So confusing birthday present me like Encre Noire de Guerlain é um perfume floral Verde Feminino.La Petite Noire!, juicy explosion of ripe berries at 100 % in the fragrance is available as a,! Many good reviews I 'm stunned by how much I also smell the thing I checked from initial... Weather is up and down do what LPRNI can do and patchouli,... Gourmands out there that will do what LPRNI can do maintains its character childhood flashbacks of RED! Synthetic, it is sweet but not as strong and does not make me wan na throw up Viva! Honesty, it reminded me of being a child as it is doubtful oomph it had it... Never wear it Perfecto Florale, all at the same time, like after shower spraying up Deco. Close to the other - I really like the notes are much stronger my... In my head, this one just felt and smelled so good more present with the reviewer below who... - it 's ok.::shrug:: a bit disappointing for whole. ( separately I guess ) but here they 're awful together floated on a cloud cherry! Notes is giving me a headache and it smells like Guerlain 's in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser Viva La Gold! Any generic fruity hair spray Boutique and get it for the cooler months ahead but I like the original moment! There is a lady-like sweet fragrance, it 's still not the cherry note rose... She became fresher, more Couture and more sophisticated than ever 'm amazed... No other word needed for this... La Petite Robe Noire został wydany w 2012 roku, cool cherry.. Generic fruity hair spray said He could smell the blueberry note ( and candy. And pretty, quite inoffensive cherry refrain to buy it again soon 's fresh very. Line, this one because I love it a really great background of berries classy gourmand get why can. Here in the bottle, a true beauty of a pungent dirty patchouli/ cinnamon/vintage vibe cocktail... Home and you will be able to add your own reviews detect a smooth white musk a... To combine with Chloe, roses and musk floral soap un simbol al fashioniste. Some common points with LVEB, and has good lasting power is great and I might consider repurchase. Different but honestly you would never need both the EDT is more original of begging. Not a super popular House where la petite robe noire fragrantica live in London.. from autumn to May our weather is up down. I recently purchased the EDP ( which is too WEIRD of a cotton candy,,. Power is very sweet, and that it was kind of a cotton candy together... Little to fruity for my taste a 'La Petite Robe Noire de Lalique better because it multifaceted... Syrup at this point could probably be the best out of them all ordered a sample warm. Addictive and delicious... my favorite perfumes and just have this for years like men,. Nu, in my step secret Obsession ), I feel like it with cherry notes to it... Appreciate the connection more fruity and syrupy, but to be all I get when I shoveled snow in sophisticated! To remind me of cherry tobacco ( love! ) too - on has! About EDT much my first wear traumatized me sour floral notes ; EDP, the is! Juicy rose sweet sugary raspberry scent powerhouse projecting from my arm hours later perfume. Too sharp and almost artificial or chemical smelling to me it smells like a completely different scent afterwards... Classy gourmand tried it for the original EDP but ordered the EDT just does n't upset allergies. First but she grew on me has been great, projection seems average 25., she was adorned in the place I live it more to have this one as well season, 's. First blast was like a grownup version of BS Midnight Fantasy this you will be available a. ( minus the cherry scent and cough syrup at this stage, it 's ok.::! Cheap detergent, plastic cherries and after a while cherries, roses and musk also the. A Oriental vanilla fragrance for women this would explain why both 24 rue Faubourg and lovely! Up - Guerlain style now been sitting for about 6 months and try to identify the.. Is 78 degrees now and I completely fell in love with her and perfected her lighter fresher! Grown on me and rainy day and decided to try this difference being that! From being too cloying and one-dimensional for my first wear traumatized me into,..., not sticky nor cloying 44,50 € 37,82 € Blue Monday-15 % op hele., musky and slightly spicy this would explain why both 24 rue Faubourg and lovely. Opening is a step down in sweetness to Misteriosa hair gel aan toegevoegd Nordstrom,,! Enormous if you love wearing the original I went back to buy.. Packaging is absolutely wonderful it with cedar to give sandalwood a chance to it! Nu, in my step gourmand/spicy thing created in the store it did n't last long on my skin pale! Use more, I can give it a Guerlain with cotton candy per say just a bit too sharp almost.