How to use sideshow in a sentence. 1. 2. After Show: Concert or short extra pay performance in the big top after the regular performance is out and over. Everything pertaining to a show on its route before men working out of the show's road office take over the details. To step aside: sidestepped to make way for the runner. To dodge an issue or a responsibility. ‘There will also be stalls, sideshows, fairground rides, new and vintage car shows and helicopter and balloon trips, and the Cornish Pavilion will showcase products from the county.’ ‘The procession proved a popular draw for residents, who also enjoyed all the fun of … steps v.intr. Honest, Objective Reviews. A . is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. 1. To step out of the way of. Sideshow definition is - a minor show offered in addition to a main exhibition (as of a circus). A sideshow is an informal and illegal demonstration of automotive stunts now often held in vacant lots, and public intersections, most often in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, United States.Sideshows were first brought to the scene in the Eastmont Mall parking lot and made even more popular throughout the 90's with such songs as bay area rapper Richie Rich's "Sideshow" anthem. See more. Ace Note: A dollar bill. Big Circus Sideshow, founded by the late great showman Jim “JZ” Zajicek, had over 40 attractions under a red and yellow 100-foot circus tent. Sideshow definition, a minor show or exhibition in connection with a principal one, as at a circus. n. 1. A step to one side. Advance: Ahead of the show. sideshow: An illegal late-night gathering that features car racing and car stunts 2. It is the oldest carnival sideshow organization in America and is currently owned and ran by Thomas Breen. Ænima is a spiritual term meaning an Atlantis type cataclysm, meaning land sinking underneath water.The inside cover (where the CD sits) has a holograph of California sinking beneath the ocean, thus Ænima. An evasion of an issue or responsibility. In 1970, John Strong, Jr (son of John Strong of The John Strong 3 Ring Tented Circus) began a 47 year continuous run of traveling sideshow, The Strong Sideshow. 2. To evade; skirt: sidestep a difficult question. One of the best songs of all time. A roadshow is a series of presentations made in various locations leading up to an initial public offering.